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About Ryan

“What’s going on?” I welcome you to The Fettered Heart with the prophetic words of Marvin Gaye.

I believe one can be denominationally connected, evangelically lead, progressively convicted, and post modernly discerned in one imperfect package.

My name is Ryan. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. Went to CSUN to study comparative religion & ceramics [got a degree in religious studies]. I was a YAV in East Africa with Church World Service. I attended Austin Seminary where I met & married Mere.

I am a former Presbyterian (USA variety) and now a member in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

I believe in a fully inclusive, compassion based, love filled Gospel that is open to all people no matter where they are in the faith journey. I believe that the Gay Community is loved and welcomed into the “Kindom” of God and is called to serve absent the horrible religious-social stigma of being an abomination.

I seek to have the faith of Peter, the conviction of Paul, the love of Jesus, and the honesty of Johnny Cash. I am biblically sound and Spirit-lead. I am socially liberal which lends to a theology rooted in Calvin [I am totally depraved since 1975], grown in the soils of Tillich [love the New Being, the old is not cast off. Rather the old is transformed and realizing what it has always been meant to be], Gutierrez [I have a mourning heart for those that are oppressed, suffer, and struggle in poverty], and Brueggemann [I am called to be prophetic. As a leader in my community, I am called to realize the Kingdom of God to those that seek it. I am to be the transformational voice as I am motivated via the Spirit to communicate to my community as we are transformed and indulge in the ways of God].

I have a love of all things pudding, robots, and tacos. I am a sucker for a good conversation and a tall Bourbon & Coke. I an an avid runner and enjoy the Y. I have a deep conviction to serve the Church of Jesus the Christ. I seek to live the chief and highest end of creation.

I am a truck driver, carney, college adviser, library circulation desk attendant, burger flipper, pizza tosser, youth director, Christmas tree cutter, customer service representative, insurance agent, artist, underwriter, teachers assistant, pastoral care giver, janitor, shopping cart retriever, missionary, high fashion stock boy, intern pastor, mall surveyor, research assistant, small group leader, camera operator, phone solicitor, bouncer, high school youth worker, propane delivery guy, jury foreman, and mission service facilitator, associate minister, and student. I am an extrovert married to an introvert that keeps me grounded.

I am currently working on two books; one on the transition from old church to new church developed with Iron Maiden in the back ground [Maiden Texas] and the other is sort of a theology book [WTFWJD?!? A Post-Fundamental Theology of Hope and Reconciliation].

I deliver mad Esoteric Piracy. I like to think of myself as a Royal Pain in the Ass, Master of 0 of the 5 lethal arts, Beloved creation, Beer Chug Champion, Amateur Sock Puppeteer, Buckaroo, Reclaimer of lost treasures, Seeker of truth, Tamer of lions, Pugilist of toothless circus bears, enigmatic lover, Servant, & Tinker of convoluted ideas…one could possibly throw in something about spelling bee champion of 1984, but they would be lying.